Assets and Highways

Council Assets: These are the possessions of the local council, including buildings and land under their ownership.
Adopted Highways: These are roads and paths that the council takes care of, making sure they're safe and maintained.
Public Rights of Way: These are paths and routes that anyone can use, like footpaths or bridleways.


These are the lines that mark the edges of different areas controlled by the council, like neighbourhoods or districts.

Brownfield Register Sites

These are areas of land that were previously used for development but are now suitable for building houses.


This shows where you can find places that offer childcare services.


This includes information about where people can vote in elections, like the boundaries of voting areas.

Green Infrastructure

This refers to parks, open spaces, and other natural areas that provide benefits to the community.

Gritting Routes

These are the main roads (primary roads) that get treated with grit or salt during icy conditions to keep residents safe while driving.


This includes important historical sites and listed buildings that are protected or of special importance.

Local Plan Proposals Map

This map outlines the council's plans and policies for future development and land use in the area.

Planning Applications

This shows where people have applied to build or develop property, along with links to more details about those projects.

Polling District Review

This is a process where voting areas are examined and possibly changed to make sure they're fair and effective. You can find the details of the latest review here.

Schools and Childrens Centres

This provides locations of schools and all the children centres across the borough.

Selective Licensing

This shows areas where landlords need a special licence to rent out their properties.


This reviews available land to determine its suitability for building new homes to address housing needs.

Smoke Control Orders

These are specific areas where there are rules to limit the amount of smoke that can be released, especially in places with old buildings or environmental issues.

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